Swiss Made Fake Jacob & Co. Unveils The UK Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon And Tiger Timepiece

The AAA perfect replica Astronomia Collection by Jacob & Co. is not only an iconic series in the fleet. It is also a blank canvas for the most unique creations of the NYC-based manufacturer.

The most recent design is the Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon and Tiger, a 47mm 18K rose gold flying tourbillon covered in 144 finely place white baguette diamonds. Intertwined throughout the dial are dragon and tiger figures, rotating around the notorious 3D spinning globe.

Fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon And Tiger Watch With Diamonds

The piece unique example features a large-scale green alligator leather strap, contrasting the shine from the 18K rose gold. The 1:1 best fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Baguette Dragon and Tiger is yet another example of how the luxury timepiece manufacturer continues to break the molds of traditional watch design.

The Mind-Bogglingly Complex and Demonstrative Luxury UK Fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Typhoon

Jacob & Co. replica is a force to be reckoned with in watchmaking. With some of the most extraordinary, extravagant and highly unconventional pieces on the market, Swiss quality Jacob & Co. fake watches are spectacular visually and mechanically. Nothing is too far-fetched at Jacob & Co. and the spectacle is guaranteed. If you thought the Astronomia Tourbillon was a marvel of time in motion, just wait until you see the Astronomia Typhoon as it blows in with full force and speeds up the action on board. Equipped with an on-demand animation, the central carousel and its four satellite arms complete four revolutions in 16 seconds. Let’s take a closer look at this head-spinning watch.

Jacob Arabo is renowned for his keen sense of spectacle. A natural showman with a background in jewellery, the watchmaking arm of his company is famous for its effusive, unconventional, over-the-top watches. With models swathed from head-to-toe in precious gemstones and names like Millionaire and Caviar Tourbillon, Jacob Arabo is perfectly at home with his coterie of VIP clients. His watches are not for the demure or the faint of heart; they are watches for people who enjoy basking in the limelight.

Whatever your opinion might be on the aesthetics of rose gold case fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia, the dazzling technicality of these creations cannot be denied. This year alone, four Jacob & Co. models were finalists at the Grand Prix Horlogerie de Genève. Jacob & Co. is a unique and fearless force on the market ready to push the complications envelope further with every new creation. And for this reason alone, Jacob Arabo must be applauded. You might not warm to the extravagance or prices, but the courage and determination to prove that watchmaking can be outrageously dynamic have led to some of the most fantasy-fuelled watches on the market.
The Astronomia Tourbillon was introduced in 2014.

With its kinetic 3-D movement and vertically mounted tourbillon, the Astronomia is a spellbinding microcosm with four rotating satellite arms. Although the background scenery and the decorative top stone might vary, the standard configuration is of a vertical tourbillon rotating on triple axes, a large 1-carat Jacob diamond rotating on itself every 60 seconds, a lacquered globe representing the Earth rotating on itself in 60 seconds, and dial for the hours and minutes. We’ve covered many Astronomia models on including the first Astronomia Tourbillon of 2014, the incredible Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity with an octopus on board, the artistic Astronomia Phoenix complete with a miniature gold sculpture of a phoenix, the Astronomia Casino with a fully operational roulette wheel, and the ‘sportier’ Astronomia Everest designed for Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson on his expedition to the Himalayas (!).

Apart from the different background scenery of the Astronomia Tourbillon, blue leather strap fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia has also played with the speed of the different rotations. In 2017, the satellite arms were sped up to rotate in 10 minutes, and the globe and diamond every 30 seconds. Earlier this year, the brand launched the Astronomia Five Minute with the satellite arms rotating in five minutes and the globe and diamond turning in 15 seconds. Not satisfied with this speed, Jacob & Co. has pushed the speed limit even further on the Astronomia Typhoon. Now the four satellite arms can make one revolution every four seconds, on demand. By activating the Typhoon function via a wheel at 9 o’clock, the central structure completes four complete rotations in 16 seconds. By disengaging the movement from the satellites, the Typhoon function sets them free to spin.
The most amazing aspect of the Typhoon function is not just the increase in speed but the fact that the entire central unit returns to the exact point of departure and the timekeeping functions are not affected. The key to the fast revolutions is to separate the four satellite arms from the 617-piece movement, ensuring they move independently of the timekeeping. The tourbillon and the time display disengage from the base movement while they spin and reconnect when they stop spinning without interfering with timekeeping. It took Jacob & Co’s. watchmakers more than a year to pull off this impressive technical feat.

Like other Astronomia Tourbillon models, the large 50mm case features four sapphire glass apertures on the sides to enjoy the spectacle from different angles. The supporting structure of the case is made from 18k rose gold. Combined with the highly domed sapphire crystal over the dial, the thickest point of the watch is 25mm. It’s thick all right, but with all the action on deck, you wouldn’t want it any other way.
The base dial of the high quality copy watch is made from aventurine and hand-painted with a representation of our speckled Milky Way. It is set with seven (static) cabochon-cut planets made from semi-precious stones: white granite is used to represent Mercury; rhodonite for Venus; red jasper for Mars; pietersite for Jupiter; tiger eye for Saturn; blue calcite for Uranus; and lapis lazuli for Neptune.

The kinetic module with its four satellite arms is equipped with the signature triple-axis vertically mounted tourbillon, the feature that gave the Astronomia Tourbillon its name and fame. The openworked cage means that you can get glimpses of the balance wheel, the hairspring and the escape wheel as it performs its triple rotations: the first axis completes a full rotation every 60 seconds, the rotation of the second axis occurs every 2.5 minutes while the third axis slows down the rotations to 10 minutes.
Opposite to the tourbillon is the openworked hour and minutes sub-dial. Driven through an infinitesimal differential system that maintains the dial in an upright position, you can see four hand-engraved Roman numerals filled with black lacquer at XII, III, VI and IX and the blued hands.

The impressive diamond at the tip of one of the four rotating arms is a Jacob-cut diamond completing its rotation in 30 seconds. As you know, Jacob & Co replica. also creates magnificent high jewellery timepieces and cutting precious stones is second nature to Jacob Arabo. A Jacob-cut stone has 288 individual, hand-cut facets and has to be perfectly round and symmetrical. It takes a professional gem-cutter at least two weeks to whittle down the diamond – more than half of the rough diamond is cut away – and create the individual facets. No inclusions are permitted inside the diamond, and the stone has to weigh exactly the same as the three other satellites.
The reverse side of the Astronomia Tourbillon Typhoon features the classic flip-up key on the left to set the time. Unlike other Astronomia models, the movement is not wound with a flip-up key but with the wheel in the caseback that also activates the Typhoon function. The 617-part movement is manual-winding (JCAM35) regulated by a triple-axis tourbillon. It beats at 21,600vph and offers a 60-hour power reserve.

Jacob & Co. Offers Everest Expedition Trip With Explorer Johan Ernst Nilson With Purchase Of Astronomia Mount Everest Fake Watch UK

There’s a lot going on with the newest replica Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon. In fact, one might say the Astronomia Mount Everest watch tops all other Astronomia watches. Partnering with Swedish explorer and environmentalist, Johan Ernst Nilson, Jacob & Co. creates a limited edition watch that actually has a piece of rock from the legendary mountain inside.  That’s not all, though, the watch is sold with a helicopter experience that takes the buyer onto Mt. Everest with Nilson. There is even a charity component behind the watch.

It was just about two years ago that adventurer Nilson took an Astronomia Tourbillon watch with him while climbing the Himalayas. He climbed 6,200 meters and the watch continued to work despite minus-30-degree temperatures and the high altitudes. Now, Nilson – also a keen environmentalist – works with Jacob & Co. for the Astronomia Everest watch that incorporates elements from Nilson’s three most-accomplished expeditions: a trek to the North Pole, to the South Pole and his Mt. Everest climb.

As mentioned, there is a shard of a rock that Nilson collected from Mt. Everest in each watch. Additionally, there are two clear capsules that emulate buckets that Nilson used to collect water at each of the poles. Water from the poles is actually inside each of the capsules in an effort to celebrate Earth and its fragile environments.

47MM Replica Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Watch

The perfect fake watch, which retails for $884,800  — reflecting the height of Mt. Everest (8,848 meters), is also an incredibly complicated timepiece. Based on the brand’s beloved Astronomia Sky Tourbillon watch, the timepiece boasts a double-axis gravitational tourbillon on one of four satellites. The other three satellites feature a one-carat 288-faceted Jacob-cut diamond, a constantly rotating magnesium globe and the hour/minute dial.

This Astronomia Mount Everest marks the first time the brand uses Super-LumiNova for the hands, the glove and the constellations on the background. There is even Super-LumiNova on the strap. There are two versions of the 47mm watch, one with a black dial and crafted in blackened 18-karat white gold, and one with a blue dial and crafted of 18-karat white gold. Just 12 of each will be made, for a total of 24 watches  (representing the world’s 24  main time zones).

Additionally, and maybe most importantly, the watch also has a charitable component, in that 10 percent of the proceeds of the sale of each watch goes to organizations that are helping the environment.

Swiss Movement Fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Watch

Nilson, who has climbed the Seven Summits and holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for his Three Poles Challenge expedition, has witnessed climate change and its consequences in some of the most remote parts of the world.

“I want this special timepiece to help make a change in the world,” says Nilson. “The Astronomia is the only watch I’ve ever had people ask me about while I am wearing it, so we will be starting conversations that hopefully will lead to change. This special edition will spread the word about the fragility of our planet.”

Because the watch celebrates ethe beauty and fragility of Earth, Jacob & Co. and Nilson added an adventure to the purchase. Every buyer receives a helicopter trip for two with Nilson to the spot on Everest where he took the rock that is used for the watches.

“Raising awareness about the dangers facing our planet is important,” says Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co. “Working with well-known adventure activist Johan Ernst is a great way for our brand to get involved. Having a portion of the proceeds of the sale go to charity was vital for us — we all have to take action if we are going to make a difference.”

Swiss Luxury UK Fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino AT160.40.AA.AA.A For Sale

One might have thought that the precision of Haute Horlogerie could never harmonize with the uncertainty of games of chance? Well, fake Jacob & Co. merges these two worlds into one timepiece of unexpected complexity. One of its takes on the Astronomia is fitted with a fully operational miniature roulette; at a press of a button, the Astronomia Casino shows its playful side. And the rest remains a demonstration of watchmaking extravaganza.
Jacob & Co. has managed to create some of the craziest and most complicated watches of the past years. Although the brand has presented more than one wild iteration of its Astronomia, the Casino is certainly among the most unexpected. Like its siblings, this beast of a watch stands out with an impressive vertical movement with planetary indications in constant motion.

Additionally, it is fitted with a miniature, functional roulette wheel triggered by a pusher at 7 o’clock. Underneath the watch’s four satellite arms, the roulette slots are rendered in black, red and green while its centre is made of aventurine, while the miniature roulette ball is made from white ceramic.
The movement of Jacob & Co. replica with rose gold case that breathes life to this fun and impressive upmarket toy has nothing to do with chance, though. The vertical calibre Jacob & Co. JCAM29A comprises 395 parts and is regulated by a triple-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon cage rotates on a first axis in 60 seconds and on a second axis in 2.5 minutes. In addition, the movement rotates on itself in 10 minutes. The three other arms of the movement carry the time display, a 288-faceted diamond rotating on itself in 60 seconds and a magnesium-blue lacquered globe, also rotating on itself in 60 seconds. Last, a differential gear system allows the time display to maintain the 12/6 o’clock position upright, regardless of its position around the dial.
This theatrical mechanical animation is presented under an impressive oversized sapphire dome offering changing perspectives from different angles. On the wrist, at 47mm x 27.9mm, the pink gold case of the 47 mm Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino replica watch is simply massive. But naturally, this spectacular, over-the-top watch is not meant to go unnoticed… On the contrary, Jacob & Co. watches are clearly designed for the ultra-wealthy, unafraid to show off their toys. Rapper Drake and MMA champion Connor McGregor are reportedly two famous owners of the Astronomia Casino.
Like all Astronomia watches, turning the watch over reveals two symmetrical flip-up keys that sit flush with the pink gold caseback. One is used to wind the movement and the other to set the time. Last, the best  Jacob & Co. copy watch for sale is worn on an alligator strap secured to the wrist with an 18k pink gold folding buckle.

Recommendation Of Perfect Replica Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Watch UK

If you are an astrophile, you must be attracted by this skeleton dial watch fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky and this edition is worth having. From the special skeleton dial with double decks, you can see the movement, the tourbillon, the chronograph dial, the date display, the month display and a mini tellurion on the upper deck. And the under deck in blue is painted with 18k rose gold planisphere.

The special copy watch has tellurion.
Copy Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Watch With Tellurion

The diameter is 47 mm. The best copy watch features a polished 18k rose gold case and a blue alligator leather strap. Both of them echo with the mystery dial.

The 18k rose gold fake watch has planisphere.
Fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Watch With Planisphere

The meaning of the Swiss watch replica Jacob & Co. is far more than just a piece of chronograph wrist watch. You bring the whole sky on your wrist if you wear this unique edition. You must become the focus of the crowd.

The blue strap fake watch has tourbillon.
Fake Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Watch With Tourbillon